A Middle Age dated necklace discovered in Harpole (UK)

An exceptional discovery in the heart of the United Kingdom

As a child, I always dreamed that a treasure was hidden in my grandparents' garden.
I was therefore very excited to learn that a 1300 year old gold necklace adorned with precious stones was found on a construction site in the UK in the village of Harpole.
The 30 elements (including Roman coins) and stones (garnet, glass and fine stones) form a very elaborate jewel which would have belonged to a high-ranking woman.
This gives us more information about the history of our ancestors; Man has always created jewelry and we are lucky enough to be able to discover the finesse and quality of the work of the craftsmen of the Middle Ages.

On the last image, a reconstruction of the necklace as it must have been at the time.

(Image: MOLA/ Hugh Gatt)

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