From night sky to art jewels

OZR is a fine jewellery brand founded in 2020, inspired by the sky and the uniqueness of its stars. Just like the universe where each star diffuses a unique glow depending on its surface and position, OZR celebrates asperity to create organic shaped jewels.

The crafting of the materials is at the heart of the creative process. Different techniques are applied, giving multiple results depending on the effect desired. The jewels are made out of gold or silver, then polished, brushed, crumpled, hammered, creased and set with gems to enable them to reflect light in the best possible way. The light glides around the curves and angles of the jewel to give it a distinctive aspect. Unlike any other accessory, the jewel embodies the shining stars of our galaxy.

Our pieces are meticulously created in our workshops situated in the heart of Paris. Each collection is unique and produced in a limited amount. All our pieces are fully French made.


« Similar to an Orbit I gravitate around your skin. I  travel to your hands, neck and earlobes. Source of light, I shine at the Zenith. Glinting on your skin, I will twinkle like a star named Rigel.

I am OZR »